I’ve been talking to y’all at lunches, business classes, and even at work regarding what I’m learning about vaginal health, hormones, and PMS/PMDD. To my delight, you’ve all been like: what! Flose, please tell me more!

This is my way of telling you more without sending an endless text message — I’m known for those; ask Jesse!

Please ask for more info in the comments if I miss something here because someone may have the same question. I’m a Gemini/Seal (animal astrology), so information sharing is me staying true to my programming.

Where it began

I hate all the tropes about women and…

A conversation about vaginal health

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. Performing W.A.P. at the Grammys. Courtesy of The New York Times.

Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion made wet-ass pussies (W.A.P.s) all the rage last year, which dampened some conservative flames and started conversations about how wet is too wet.

I’m bringing pussies back in the spotlight to discuss vaginal health.

First, let’s travel back five years. It’s February 26, 2016, and Chris Brown brings Usher in on a song called “Back To Sleep.” Usher jumps on the remix to say:

I can tell you been eating your pineapples (Mmm)
Girl, your pussy taste like pineapples (Oh)

Healthline’s take is, well, vaginas may taste like pineapples. In a 2020 Article, Gabrielle…

Photo by Derek Baumgartner on Unsplash

I tried to get adopted this morning. Showed up to the office. You know: the one at City Hall with the bougainvillea climbing up the cream wall. The lady with long fingernails and slapping gum told me I was much older than I look.

“I’m sorry, mam. That’s not how adoption works,” she kept saying.

If she weren’t so polite, I would have thrown a bigger fit.

“You don’t understand! I’m broke. College-educated. …

When we got married, only 33 people came to the ceremony. We invited 156, but you know what they say about odds. Neither of us took this as a bad sign; we were in love.

So we stood on Juno Beach with those 33 strangers who were having a family reunion and said our vows. When we sent wedding postcards to friends and family, we wrote passive-aggressive messages: wish you could have been there.

Actually, we don’t do passive-aggressive well. It would have been quite nice to have them there. Both of us cried a lot that first year. Still…

Photo by Monika Kozubon Unsplash

I experience a slump every month. You know what I’m talking about: a flood of tears, extreme exhaustion no matter how much coffee is consumed, annoyance, anxiety, and depression. Around this time, my body also gets sore, breasts heavy, and stomach distended, which I attribute to PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

Because I’m healing from childhood abuse and processing grief, I’ve assumed these monthly crises are trauma and stress-related, not hormonal. Though that may very well be true, I’m trying a new hypothesis on for size: I may have PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder).

“During the reproductive years, up to 80–90% of menstruating…

Planta in West Palm Beach flirts GoodMoodFood; girl, does it deliver! After eating 56 pieces of sushi, we’re basically experts on plant-based rolls. Before we take you through our indulgent experience, here’s a quote from Mel:

“I was expecting a fucking cold piece of watermelon, but they’ve done something to it.”

One more thing: We love the service at Planta! I mean, Carrington and Nicole are striking, yet they’re not anomalies. Literally, everyone at that restaurant knows how to make Monday’s $8 Sushi Night something worth writing a review about.

Back to the Sushi! Go for the $27 all-you-can-eat, and…

This is the most vulnerable essay I’ve ever shared. I’m choosing to publish it because, in the last month that I’ve been discussing my 10-year journey with suicide ideation, I’ve been reminded that talking about suicide actually helps others. Sort of like with sex ed, talking about suicide does not lead to more deaths.

It also pisses me off that suicide only enters the public domain when a celebrity chooses to end their life and during suicide awareness month (September). The reality is people you know are toying with the idea of ending their life year-round. …

Stop №1 for July was Darbster Bistro in West Palm Beach; it offered a creative take on organic, vegan cuisine. We took a crowd of six to enjoy this tasty plant-based bistro’s brunch menu, and all of us walked away in a Good Mood! Here’s what we ate:

Avocado toast seems to follow us around, and Darbster’s raw take on this InstaFood favorite left us speechless. We’re talking crazy flavor bites here with smoky chipotle aioli holding it down on flax crackers you can actually chew. The avocado was buttery and red onion and pepper sharp. …

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Personal essays, short fiction, poetry, and experimental creative content. https://www.letitflose.com/

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